“Marlowe’s Dream”

“Marlowe’s Dream” (written by Benjamin Attiche) describes the gritty & noir life of L.A. private investigator Philip Marlowe.

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Chris Maunders – Harmonica & Bass-Harmonica
Stephen Hornby – Double Bass
Benjamin Attiche – Guitar / Composition
Niko Schäuble – Mix & Master
Additional Video Footage by Emerald MacGill

The Rookies Play Jazz

This fantastic band plays every Wednesday at The Rooks Return on Brunswick St in Melb.

And since during lockdown all pubs and venues are closed – they asked the jazz community to play and participate in their signature song “On The Sunny Side Of The Street”.

Please consider supporting them on their Patreon Page. Great musos and such lovely peeps. Thank you for including me <3


Neyland | Attiche | Beeche

Oscar, Jack and I have a new release on Bandcamp. Click on the cover art to purchase and donate for a good cause: Our survival 😉

A big thank you to Niko Schäuble at Pughouse Studio for the sound and mix. And Jenny Atwood for the beautiful cover art.


A Guitar Made By Frans Elferink

I asked Frans Elferink last year to build one of his special guitars for me. Take a look at the pictures I uploaded to check out the extensive and delicate process luthiers put into their work. A stunning and great sounding instrument. Please check his website for more information: Frans Elferink.




New CD

Dear Friends,

I’m happy to announce that our new album “Somewhere Along The Way” is ready for download.

I had the wonderful pleasure to record this CD with the incredible Markus Ehrlich on tenor sax and the remarkable Tom Dayan on drums. We recorded back in 2015 and didn’t get around the mix until now.

You may download on iTunes, Google or wherever you normally get your sneeze. 

You can also donate and help us grow: https://benjaminattiche.bandcamp.com/album/somewhere-along-the-way

Thanks and Cheers everyone!


Paris Cat Melbourne

About to play with some really great musicians at the Paris Cat Jazz Club.


Chris Cameron (drums)
Joel Trigg (piano)
Clancye Milne (voice)
Oscar Neyland (bass)
Benjamin Attiche (guitar)

We will be not only playing music from the “Irving Berlin” Songbook but also some compositions by Clancye and myself.

Thursday the 18th of August at 8pm at 6 Goldie Place, Melbourne.

Save your ticket here!


A Duo Performance


Clancye Milne / Benjamin Attiche Duo 

We had a wonderful time. Thanks to everyone who came out to Conduit Arts last week.

Conduit Art has been a huge part of Melbourne’s creative art scene for the last 4 years. It has put on so many incredible and memorable gigs – thank you CONDUIT!



The other day…

Dixie Post …we recorded “Makie Messer” in an ordinary “Dixie” Version. Niko Scharnofske: Bass; Markus Ehrlich: Saxophone; Fritz Moshammer: Trumpet and me playing the Banjo. Enjoy!

Benjamin Attiche

By the way…

Benjamin AtticheI am displayed in the current issue of the “Zeit Magazin Campus”. Where do I like to practice? They asked. Well, next thing they took a picture of me in an ICE coach.